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We are hosting workshops for members of the LGBTQIA+ community every night of the show. The workshops come FREE (wahhooo) when you buy a ticket for the show that night. Find out more about our amazing facilitators and their offerings below - and then book your tickets here!



With River Grey (they/them)

Tues Oct 11th and Sat Oct 15th - 8pm 

A short, queer introduction to the Tarot.


The Tarot is a tool of reflection; one that can offer us insights into situations, our subconscious and the paths we might tread.


This practical workshop offers a brief overview of how the system of Tarot works, how to prepare, how to ask the right questions and how to intuitively work with the cards as a tool for healing and self development. This is a safe space to engage the Tarot for yourself while River is available to offer insights, clarity and support. A wonderful opportunity to work with a seasoned queer practitioner in the realms of practical divination.


Suitable for the curious, the content and those already comfortable in their practice.

About River:

River (they/them) is a multidisciplinary artist and spiritual practitioner dedicated to the transformation and renewal of spaces, individuals and communities.


A practicing Reiki Master, River has over 15 years experience across meditation, yoga, psychotherapy, plant medicine, energy work, tarot and healing. They believe in empowering people with tools from these practices in support of sustainable change.


With Carlos Mauricio Rojas (they/them)

Wed Oct 12th - 8pm 

Join us to for a creative exploration of the tarot deck using writing and ritual to cultivate a symbiotic relationship between the intuitive movement of tarot, poetry, body, and organic materials of the earth. We will write poems, intentions and prayers inspired by the cards, and plant them into the world of Find me, Fool.

About Carlos:

Carlos Mauricio Rojas is a spoken word poet, performer, tarot reader and gardener. Writing as a way to process and soothe, their poetry intersects grief, intergenerational trauma, climate change, suicide and love. Weaving multilingual, multicultural, mixed race, queer and trans identity with political observation and imagining better futures. 

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With Haurel

Thurs Oct 13th - 8pm 

An interactive workshop based on traditional and contemporary symbolism in tarot, allowing participants to create a new tarot card based on their personality. 

Workshop participants will uncover the meaning of the tarot key symbols as well as new ones reflecting modern society. 

They will then be able to compose a new card that will reflect what they wish to manifest into their personal journey.

About Haurel:

Haurel is a South-London based street artist specialised in stencils & spray paint applied on reclaimed wood found scouting the streets of Brixton and Streatham.


They are currently developing a series around the concept of Modern Tarot extended to social themes, creating new symbols and icons for an exhibition in 2023. Their pieces are mainly political and social commentaries with a style defined by the use of vibrant colours.


With La Veuve and Carlos Al Dick

Fri Oct 14th - 8pm 

Join La Veuve (@la.veuve) and Carlos Al Dick (@carlosaldick) in exploring the makeup or physicality of drag, taking inspiration from the tarot. Perfect if you are a drag baby or want a space to explore the seed of a new drag idea. 

La Veuve is a queer writer, researcher and performer from Brussels, Belgium, as well as the co-founder and artistic director of Cabaret Mademoiselle, a diverse, inclusive and multidisciplinary venue in her hometown. Deliciously caustic, hairy and sarcastic, her beard is as sharp as her tongue and she takes the femme fatale concept to the next level. Mistress of ceremony (or mistress per se if you have what it takes) as well as hostess extraordinaire, let her queer wisdom and dangerous charms capture your heart. She'll put it in a jar somewhere.


Milla "Mils" Harding (pronouns: they/them) trained at The New York Film Academy and The University of Leeds, graduating in 2012. They perform as Latino lothario Carlos Al Dick as well as using drag and gender bending in their work as an actor and writer. 


As a non-binary theatre maker Milla creates work that celebrates queerness, utilises the body in all its glory and pokes fun at the establishment. Their artistic aim is to make the sector more accessible for the underrepresented whilst championing queer, POC, trans and disabled artists and creators. 

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